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Pitted Deglet Noor Dates

Pitted Deglet Noor Dates

$ 32.80


  • 7lb - $32.80 ($4.68/lb)

Deglet Noor are also known as the "Queen of Dates". They have a flavor profile of honey (Medjools are more Carmel like). They are soft in texture with a translucent light brown color. Used in many culinary applications, but also a very nice treat to eat on their own.

These dates are very popular here in the United States due to their affordability and availability.

Hadley's has been a cultivator of dates since 1931 thermal California. They are a quality company who's passion for dates still lives today.

You will receive two 3.5 lbs. containers of Pitted Deglet Noor Dates.

Refrigerate after opening

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