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Why Choose Whole Fresh Dates?

We are passionate about Medjool dates and sell only the highest quality products in our online store. Date growers grade fruit dates based on size, skin condition and moisture content. These grades are Jumbo, Large, Extra Fancy, Fancy, and on the lower end, Cooking, Convection or Mixed dates. Here at Whole Fresh Dates, we package the 3 highest grades to ensure only premium quality Medjools are shipped directly to your door. We offer 6 purchasing options - 10oz, 1-lb, 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs, and a 11-lb bulk option.

Many retail stores and other online vendors package and resell mixed or convection dates to keep their margins high... again, not the case with our dates. At Whole Fresh Dates, we only sell the current year’s crop, which yields the freshest dates possible. Never settle for substandard dates that are not from the current year’s harvest. We source our Medjools direct from over 10 growers in Arizona and California. This network of growers allows us to provide quality Medjools year-round.

Dates are a superfood packed with natural nutrients. The benefits dates provide include weight regulation, natural energy booster, a great source of fiber, as well as many other proven health benefits. They do not contain sodium, fat, or cholesterol. Our dates also align with non-GMO, vegan, paleo, and raw lifestyles. Whole Fresh Dates also carries pitted dates, date sugar, coconut date rolls, almond date rolls, and continues to expand our products daily.

Free Shipping is available to anywhere in the United States. We GUARANTEE you will receive the freshest Medjool dates possible, or the cost of your purchase will be refunded up to 2.5lbs. When you shop with us, shop with confidence and security.