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Yellow (Khalal) Medjools Dates - For a Limited Time!

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We have received a large amount of interest in selling Yellow Medjool dates, which are also known as Khalal dates. If you have not had the chance to try some it's definitely a unique taste.

Yellow Khalal Medjool Dates

Yellow Khalal Medjool Dates

As dates ripen the amount of tannin decreases and sugar content increases. Yellow dates contain more tannin then a fully ripened date, so when you bite into one it's a very face puckering flavor, but with a unique and special sweetness on the back-end. They offer up a crunchy bite almost that of an apple.

We have heard a lot of people on the Atkins diet prefer these over fully ripened medjools due to the lower sugar content. We would like to hear from you on why you love this stage of the medjool date. Please use the comment section below.

Currently available in 2.5 lb and 5 lb options.

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