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Medjool Date Maamoul with Walnut

Date Recipes

These date inspired Maamouls are packed with energy, protein and carbs to keep you moving. The are a favorite in many Middle Eastern house-holds around Ramadan.


-1450 grams of Semolina or roughly 9 cups
-295 grams of melted butter or roughly 1.5 cups
-205 grams of melted ghee or 1.5cups
-200 grams of caster sugar or 1 cup
-1 tsp. of nutmeg finely grounded
-1 tsp. of ground mahlab
-1 tsp. of dried yeast…instant will work
-¾ cup of rose water or roughly 185 ml
-¼ cup of blossom water or 58 ml

-750 grams of pitted Medjool dates that you will need chop
-¾ cup of toasted, crushed walnuts or 70 grams
-a can of condensed sweet milk 14 oz. (395 grams)
-¼ cup of butter or 50 grams

It’s highly recommended that you have a Maamoul mold to shape and stuff the cookies correctly.

Maamoul Mold

Mix the semolina, ghee, melted butter, grounded nutmeg, sugar, yeast and mahlab into a large bowl that you will be able to cover. Once you have mixed these contents well, place a cover over the bowl and set aside for 4 hours, 5min.

In a separate bowl, mix the medjool dates and the butter together. Start to knead the butter and chopped medjool dates together and gradually start adding the condensed milk while you are mixing and kneading. Throw the walnuts in and let it rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Take the dried mixture and add the blossom and rose water, knead with your hands. You want the dough to start to form a thick paste. If it gets too thick you can thin down the paste by adding some rose water.

Take a small piece of dough and start to work it flat with your hands. Leave a little dimple impression into the dough for the filling to be placed in. Place a tsp. of the filing into the center of the dough (impression). Being careful, take the dough and start to form a ball around the filling.

Once you have the dough balls made with the filling in them you can place them into your Maamoul mold. This will allow the top side of the dough to form a pattern.

Once you have filled your Maamoul mold you can tap on the backside of the mold until the cookies fall out. Place them on a flat non-greased baking flat cookie pan for roughly 17-20 minutes. This should be the benchmark, but checking them periodically will make sure you don’t burn them. You want a light color but not a brown.

Serves 20.

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