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Whole Fresh Dates Now Offering 11 lb Bulk Box of Medjool Dates

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You might have noticed that we have been expanding our product lineup lately. We love feedback and get it quite regularly. A highly requested 11lb box is not available in regular, Organic and Pitted. We also have been able to offer a very solid price point with it. Since we offer free shipping for those that live in the states, it's always a challenge to keep our prices competitive and still provide high quality large dates. We are able to ship our 11lb boxed Medjools in a medium sized USPS Priority shipping box, so you can still expect fast & free 2-day priority shipping!

Keeping the pricing cheap, the quality high while passing on the savings to you is always a goal here at Whole Fresh Dates.

11 lb. bulk medjool dates

Bulk 11lb pricing is currently:

  • Standard Large - $92.40 ($8.40/lb.)
  • Organic Large - $118.56 ($10.40/lb.)
  • Pitted Large - $121.00 ($11.00/lb.)

Now you can stock up and save big with the 11lb box. And the smaller footprint will still fit nicely in the refrigerator. In order to speed up delivery to our wholesale partners, we will be using this new 11lb box. No more waiting 7-8 days for our wholesale partners.

Another popular requested item is Organic pitted medjool dates. We plan on adding this option to the store soon, so be on the look-out. We will also be sure to throw up a blog post when they're available.

Please keep the feedback coming...we always strive to improve on our offerings, service and overall customer satisfaction.

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