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The Top 5 Most Popular Ways to Eat Medjool Dates

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I would argue that the Medjool date is probably one of the most versatile fruits going. They can be enjoyed so many different ways. We dive into our search results regularly to see what people are wanting to know about dates. We see some pretty crazy searches, but one of the most popular searches is... "What to do with Medjool Dates". You might look at that search term and just say..."eat them". It's not as easy as that. There are truly so many ways to get creative with fruit dates. And a lot of people love mixing it up to put a spin on the way they consume Medjool dates.

1. Stuffed Dates - if you walk into any date farm here in the Southwest there is one thing you can count on, there will be stuffed dates for sale. Popular stuffing includes cheeses, coconut, apricots, bacon, walnuts, pecans, papaya, banana chips with the most popular being almonds. Stuffed dates are very popular during the holidays because they present well and make great gifts. You can buy them in baskets, boxed or in tins.

Stuffed Medjool Dates

2. Date Rolls - a little different then stuffed dates, but the same idea. The most popular and best seller here date at Whole Fresh dates is the Coconut date roll. Coconut really gives some texture and added natural sweetness to a date. Date rolls are made by using date paste to form a roll followed by a quick slather of the added ingredient. Although coconut is popular, there are many other kinds of date rolls on the market today. Almond and pecan probably being in 2nd and 3rd. Natural Delights the leading manufactures of date rolls in the United Sates even started to offer seasonal roll such as pumpkin pie spiced and dark chocolate orange.

Coconut and Almond date rolls

3. Cooking with dates - there is no doubt that Medjoo dates are very popular in the kitchen. I have seen BBQ sauces made, date salads, date vinaigrette's, flat-breads topped with dates and even savory dishes like bacon wrapped dates. Date farmers have even created their own term for dates that are to be used in cooking - convection dates. Convection dates are typically have more skin separation then other grades. However, they are cheaper in cost and this makes cooking with Medjools a little more cost effective. Medjool dates perform well in the kitchen due to their size, soft texture and naturally sweet flavor profile. There are medjool date recipes in our blog category if you would like to try and cook with dates. We keep updating and adding to our growing list of recipes.

Date Recipes

4. Date Shakes - awe yes, the thick tasty treat that is the date shake. These mixed concoctions should be on everyone bucket list. Imagine a dairy queen blizzard infused with medjool Medjool Date Shakedates...delicious!

Here is a quick 5 minute Date shake recipe that you can try at home:
- 1 cup of medjool dates
- 1 1/2 cup of milk (you can use almond milk as an alternative)
- 1 pint of vanilla bean ice cream
- 1 tsp of 100% date sugar

Combine all the ingredients into a blender and mix well until a smooth consistency. Date shakes are a bit thick, using a larger straw makes for easier sipping.

5. Whole Dates - of course right? Medjools are naturally sweet with a caramel flavor profile. They are self-preserving making them great for long periods where consumption will not be intimidate. We absolutely love them for camping or when we are out hiking. They are loaded with natural sugars and carbs to keep you moving - natural energy. They make great dessert snacks in the kids lunch boxes. Medjool dates also have become a breakfast snack or in some cases a meal. They are packed with fiber that many people are looking for in a breakfast meal.


Eat dates while hiking

We probably should have done a top 20 things to do with medjool dates. They really are that versatile and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Use the comment section below and let us know what we missed. We would love to read how you enjoy Medjools!

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