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Palm Tree Cell Towers

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I get a couple emails asking us to post unique and day-to-day business happenings. Although the medjool date business keeps us busy...their is only so many creative ideas to muster up for blog posts. That said, please give us some ideas on what you would like to see the blog utilize for. We plan on doing a trade-show as well as some Farmer markets soon, so will be posting some pictures and updates.

I thought I would share some pretty neat cell towers disguised as date palms.

We are starting to see more and more of these pop-up all over the southwest. As the demand for data increases, I would imagine this trend will continue.

We actually have had some local neighborhoods bring to light the eyesore that cell towers create and block their scenic views in some cases. I guess this is the cell providers way of trying to blend them in make them more appealing or at the very least less visual. Apparently the manufactures are biased to male palms as I don't see any female palms represented. Would have loved to seen some dates hanging from these things!

Wired has a pretty in-depth write up on these camouflaged cell towers.



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