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Why Dates Should be a Staple in Every Vegan Diet


Medjool dates to be exact. These little guys pack a punch when it comes to health benefits and with their powerhouse of nutrients, every vegan should be keeping them in stock. While their brown and wrinkled skin may make them seem unappealing, just one bite and you will wish that you had incorporated them into your diet sooner. If you are a vegan and want to gain nutrients, make more versatile meals and satisfy your sweet tooth, you should make dates a staple in your diet.

They Help Make Versatile Dishes

From turning a bland bowl of oatmeal into a delicious treat to forming the base for raw/vegan brownies and pie crusts, dates can help you create some extremely versatile dishes. If you want to add an extra kick of flavor to a smoothie or put a chewy topping on a vegan ice cream sundae, dates will have your back.

They’re a Great Source of Fiber

Fiber keeps things in our bodies moving smoothly and without it, our inner processes can’t keep on track. While being a fantastic source of fiber, Medjool dates provide about 25 percent of the daily recommendation. The Beta-D-Glucan found in dates helps with water absorption which prevents constipation. Some added benefits of the fiber that dates provide is a regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar.

They Have Loads of Potassium

Fruit dates are one of the best sources of potassium out of all of the fruits. An important nutrient for the body, potassium will help regulate blood sugar and will also keep the PH in the body balanced out.

They Will Keep You Full

Vegan food typically digests quickly, making eating often a necessity. When you don’t have the time to constantly prepare meals, eating dates can help you stay fuller, longer. With such a high fiber count, and a naturally sweet taste, hunger pangs will stay away for longer and your sweet tooth and cravings will be satisfied. The amino acid and fiber combo will help keep constipation at bay, work towards a healthy digestive track and prevent irritable bowel problems.

They Are Copper Rich

People may not realize it, but copper is an extremely valuable nutrient to have in your diet. A healthy copper intake will help you with energy production, a well functioning nervous system, the formation of red blood cells, proper absorption of iron and the formation of collagen. Luckily for date eaters, the tiny fruits hold about 18 percent of the daily recommendation.

They Will Give You Energy

Dates will give “sugar high” a whole new meaning. They are extremely high in sugar but it’s all natural so you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of the processed stuff. Additionally, its high potassium levels help to build muscle tone which will have your body ready to move more often than usual.

They Are Filled With Antioxidants

People are well aware these days that antioxidants help your body to purify itself and keep healthy. Even marketing teams have taken advantage of the public’s knowledge of antioxidant benefits and are now pushing products based on their content. Medjool dates contain Manganese which contribute to superoxide dismutase which can destroy free radicals and help protect cells. These dates also contain phenols which help to lower triglycerides in the blood.

They Can Regulate Blood Pressure

Consistent blood pressure is important to stave off attacks on the cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease. With the potassium and magnesium present in Medjool dates, they help to keep blood pressure regulated and support a healthy nervous system.

They Are Fat Free

While they may taste just as good as your favorite cake or candy, dates do not contain any fat. You can grab a bowl and eat to your heart’s content but just be mindful that they do pack in a lot of calories. Just two dates contain over 130 of them to be exact.

They Will Help Build Strong Bones

High in both magnesium and manganese, dates help to prevent osteoporosis and build strong bones. An added benefit, the manganese helps to convert Vitamin D, making calcium absorption by the body even easier.

They Can Provide Relief from Allergies

Dates contain organic sulfur which aids in remedying the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

They Can Boost Sexual Stamina

Studies show that dates contain estradiol and flavonoids that work to increase sperm levels as well as increase the size of the testes. Also known to be a natural aphrodisiac, the combination can help increase sexual stamina all around.

They Can Prevent Cancer

Digestive and colon cancers can be silent killers but a diet high in dates can help you take preventative measures. Because of the high fiber count and antioxidant properties, dates can help you keep your system clean.

They Can Help You Keep The Weight Down

Dates can be your best friends when it comes to keeping off the extra weight. They keep blood sugar levels stable, have loads of fiber to keep you full for a longer period of time. Plus, they give you more energy that will help you feel ready to exercise more often and for longer.

Dates seem almost too good to be true. Once you get past their misleading looks, they are seemingly the most perfect fruit. They taste deceivingly like dessert, pack in all of the health benefits and nutrients you could want out of a fruit and help you keep your weight down. Ready to stock your fridge?


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