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Ramadan Date Specials

This year Ramadan starts in the evening on Sunday, June 5th and goes through until Tuesday July 5th (dates may vary).  We are now offering a 10% discount code when you use the code "Ramadan" at check out. This code is for a limited time only, so be sure to stock up and save. Not only is this code good for just our dates, but you can use it for anything in the store.

Here is 5 ways to ensure you stay healthy during your Ramadan fast:

Go into a Fast Eating Healthy

Eating healthier options leading up to Ramadan is ideal. Try adding more micro-nutrients in your diet by eating more greens or vegetables. These nutrients will aid in your recovery after breaking your fast.

Consult with your Doctor

Work with your physician to get you through your Ramadan commitment. By asking questions on what you can do for a safe fasting session. Some might be able to reduce meds or get off them all together through Ramadan. Again, I can’t stress enough to consult with your Doctor. But, not taking medications is part of the process and asking for professional advice is always advisable.

Limit Activity

Exertion while fasting is not recommended. High activity levels during your fast lead to dizzy spells and headaches. It also can be very dangerous and cause severe medical problems such as fainting. Be sure to rest as much as possible in order to avoid strenuous activity. The body simply just does not have the proper fuel to burn.


With 65% of our bodies being made up of water…it goes without saying that Hydration is paramount during your fast. Dehydration is one of the most dangerous problems with fasting during Ramadan. People will get light headed and faint; hitting their head and causing serious injuries. Dehydration causes lower blood pressure and loss of electrolytes. Constipation, headache, tiredness and dry skin all come from not being properly hydrated. Consume at least 8 glasses of water a day – this will vary bases on your activity level, but is a good barometer. Also, don’t break you fast with sugary drinks or special hydrating liquids. Water is the best way to hydrate quickly and safely.

Recover Properly

When Ramadan ends and you go back to your normal eating habits, don’t over indulge. Gluttony can have an adverse effect on your health.  So, be sure to spread your meals over the course of the day evenly. Avoid larger meals while snacking throughout the day.

Being sure to slowly increase your activity levels will also ensure proper recovery. Your body will need time to adjust, so take it easy and slowly progress your activity back to those of pre-Ramadan fasting.

Have a safe and healthy Ramadan!



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