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Whole Fresh Dates Soon to be Offering Organic Date Honey!

Date Information

In an effort to make sure we continue to offer you the best date related products... Whole Fresh Dates has teamed up with Real Foods and will start carrying their Organic Date Honey, also known as Date Syrup.The package is an 8oz squeeze bottle (see below).

Date Honey

This Organic Date Honey is made by using fresh organic dates. You already know all the health benefits of dates. And using dates as a sweetener is a great all natural way to sweeten any dish, drink or can be used as a topping. This date honey is a very versatile in the kitchen. Many cooks like date honey over date sugar due to it's ability to dissolve into liquids and caramelize under heat. Unlike our date sugar, this date syrup will be able to dissolve into liquids making it a viable sweetener for your coffee, tea or any other drink you can imagine.

Organic Date Honey Nutritional Facts:

Date Honey Nutritional Facts

Keep an eye out on the featured section. Expected delivery will be within the next couple weeks. We will run special bundling options along with our date sugar to ensure you have your date sweetening needs covered.

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  • Kathy R. on

    This stuff is delicous. Not like your normal bee honey. It’s a little more runy, but taste better. I give it two thumbs up!

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